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Are you hoping to end food confusion and figure out what works for your body best? You might know that your nutrition, exercise, other lifestyle habits are related to each other but how do you make it all come together?

I am committed to helping you take the stress out of eating. I want you to get to a place where you choose the foods that support your health, athletic performance and body composition goals - not because you feel like you have to - but because you want to. You truly want to eat like you love yourself.

I take pride in un-complicating food and nutrition concepts for you, so it becomes easier to apply the information for the long term. I believe if you put in some effort and time to learn new skills now, you can be successful far into the future without my help.

Breaking old patterns and food behaviors can be hard. Undoing years of dieting psychology can be even harder. I take a balanced approach to coaching, meeting you where you’re at and gently pushing you to get to the place you want to be with practical solutions and strategies.

Individual Coaching


I am passionate about shattering the notion that you’ve gotta “eat less and move more” in order to lose weight.

it's a fact - most of my clients are enjoying hundreds more calories per day building lean strong muscle, dropping body fat and supporting their metabolism.

They're saying "never again!" with the boring old chicken + broccoli + brown rice diet plan.

They’ve thrown away their fat-free cheese, stopped buying 100-calorie oreo thins and are fully recovered from carbophobia.  

watch them eat real bacon with their egg breakfast, put heavy cream in their coffee, and lick the spoon after making chocolate cupcakes. All without any guilt.


Flexible Dieting by Tracking Macros

+ let me guide you in your overall quantity of food to help you achieve your weight, strength, and body composition goals in the most efficient way

+ enjoy flexibility and control to eat which ever foods you like, adding up to your prescribed calorie and macro numbers each day

+ encourage whole, real foods most often but learn how to build in treats without guilt

Traditional Health and Nutrition Coaching

+ let me help you form a new overall eating pattern by teaching you about food quality, nutrient timing, appropriate supplementation

+ heal digestive issues, balance hormones, improve your performance in weightlifting, endurance sports and Crossfit

+ let's talk through strategies that relate not only to improving your nutrition, but stress, sleep and exercise activity habits as well


work with me for 3 months. each $595 package includes:

+ review and feedback on current habits, various assessments and food diary + individualized plan development + initial 60 minute consultation discussing key methodology + 15 - 30 minute phone check-ins, plan evolution and adjustments according to goals + weekly support, accountability, Q/A as needed by email


Macros Made Easy

a self paced online course + group coaching option. led by a nutrition professional. 


So you’ve got your macro prescription - now what?

If you’re like most people who start tracking macros on their own, you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated!



This course is for you if:

+ You feel like you're eating the same thing every day and getting real bored, real fast

+ You feel like you're eating a ton more processed and packaged foods and forgetting about whole, real and natural foods because they often don't have a trackable food label

+ You’re turning into a short order cook - making meals that fit your macro prescription while cooking completely differently for others in your household

+ You “run out” of macros before the end of the day, leaving you hungry, white-knuckling it until your next meal or leading you to overeat and overshoot your macro and calorie goals

+ You play “catch up” on certain macros at the end of the day, leaving you uncomfortably full and eating completely random crap


investment gets you lifetime access to my comprehensive meal planning course guidebook + video tutorials + audio lessons + cheat sheets + food lists + macro friendly recipes 


GYm Partnerships


Let's work together to create robust nutrition services at your Crossfit gym. Built on your unique core values, we'll design resources, messages, and programs that your community needs. Combine your effective programming with my effective nutrition strategies, and your members will improve health, body composition and athletic performance for years.

Collaboration opportunities:

Social MEdia Presence

done-for-you Nutrition Challenges

Seminars + Talk Series

Individual Nutrition COaching for your GYm Members


Want to know what you can start doing right now to foster a better food environment in your Crossfit gym? I made this resource for you! There are 4 things I know you can do [even without additional resources]. Check them out here >>