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A collection of the work I've contributed to - online articles, podcasts, as well as interviews with other health professionals.


Online Media

You're faced with opportunities to overeat every day. So what do you do when the inevitable happens: you intentionally or unintentionally overeat your needs? Break the common, but frustrating weekend overeating cycle with these strategies

Are you ever just "done" with weight loss? Here's how to know when you've achieved your personal ideal body weight for you

Intermittent fasting can be a great eating pattern for some people - and the benefits are far more wide-reaching than weight loss or fat loss alone. Listen to This Unmillennial Life Podcast where we dive into OTHER potential benefits of skipping breakfast. Wondering if you can keep up your exercise routine when you routinely fast? Sure thing! Check out this article about altering your eating schedule around your workout routine when you're fasting.  

Think you can't have a social life while you pursue health goals? Think again. Check out these time tested strategies to navigate social events, holidays, vacations and more.

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I chat with Lucia Hawley and Hannah Wydeven about my journey towards flexible dieting coaching and how I used it with my active, strength training clients. Listen to my episode on the "You Have a Body" Podcast.

Regan Jones is a Registered Dietitian, former coaching client and totally unmillennial. I was thrilled that she trusted me to put together a completely personalized plan for her to maximize her athletic performance by working around her menstrual cycle. We talk the science behind it all on the "This Unmillennial Life" Podcast. 

Since I'm a long time time fan of Laura Schoenfeld and Kelsey Kinney and "The Ancestral RDs" Podcast, I was pretty much fan-girling when I shared my sustainable flexible dieting approach with their audience. 

Gina of Fitnessista and I chat through macro tracking, carb cycling and the biggest nutrition mistakes I see women make on her podcast, Healthy in Real Life. She shares her "aha moments" and biggest symptom changes since she started to balance her meals and eating more!

On the Less Stressed Life with Christa Biegler, I talk through my macro based, balanced eating approach. We talk about how I arrived at the approach while struggling with my own health and how I teach these specific strategies to my clients.

Lucia Hawley is a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and friend. We got real intimate in our conversation about my personal and professional entrepreneurship journey. Tune in to this episode where we talk about food, effective exercise and minding your mental health.


In Their Own Words

Occasionally my clients write about our work together and I LIVE for it. Whether it's on a blog or across social media, I am always thrilled to see their nutrition journey through a their personal lens. 

Andrea is a brilliant and talented human being. She's eating more, recovering faster and getting stronger after paying some serious attention to her nutrition. Check her out on Instagram where she frequently talks about her nutrition + olympic weightlifting journey. 

Regan wrote about her experience with flexible dieting prior to working with me in a three part series on her blog. You can read about the things she learned through tracking macros here, here, and here