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You’ve made all the changes you know to make but are still not seeing the results you want: maybe you’re not be able to lose those 10-15 pounds sitting around your midsection, or you’re in a constant struggle with digestive issues or highs and lows in your mood and energy.

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Enter: tracking macros.

If you didn’t know already, I encourage flexible dieting and macro tracking as a part of my nutrition approach in my practice. After you adopt an eating pattern that’s chocked full of whole, real foods that make you feel great, and master blood sugar stability with PFC balanced meals and snacks - you're often ready for more! If you have health, body composition and athletic performance goals to be had, it’s a natural and appropriate progression to start looking at macronutrient amounts and eating in a balance that's right for you.

Your body is tracking macronutrients whether or not you are. We all need a certain amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to feel vibrant, energized, and to support a healthy metabolism. 

Tracking macros offers a way to help you see how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you really need. When you’re able to start eating enough of the right macros in the right balance for you, you’ll see almost immediate positive results.

Check out all my resources for macro based, balanced eating on this page.


blogs to get you started


5 Tips for Meal Planning Around Your Macros [without losing your mind!]

You’ve got macro targets to hit, but it’s like you’re playing tetris to get to your goals each day! If you’re new to macro tracking, it can feel like so much work and totally unsustainable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out my 5 [best] tips to meal plan around your macros so you can start eating for pleasure instead of for your prescription.


Active Day Macros Guide

Stop bouncing from site to site and calculator to calculator! If the macro calculator you're relying on is simply using your height, weight, age and sex to determine your needs - that's not the full picture! Steal the exact formula I use to calculate daily macros for my clients in my practice. They will likely leave you feeling fuller, more satisfied and energized because I’ll challenge you to look at a fuller health picture to determine your macro targets.


Macros Made Easy Course

Get access to the online, skill building Macros Made Easy Course which will teach you how to plan, prepare and enjoy food you love throughout the week, while hitting your target macro numbers each day. You can come with any macro prescription set by any coach or calculator.