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I write about eating real, whole food for stable and balanced blood sugar. Learn about how I apply macro tracking strategies in my practice to help women build lean muscle and lose body fat.

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Workshop In A Box

A resource for Registered Dietitians who want to get their entrepreneurial start within a gym community. Workshop-in-a-Box is everything you need - from marketing materials to swipe copy to fully designed ebook and lessons (and more!) - to launch a 6 week nutrition challenge. 


macros made easy

Tracking macros is the only approach to nutrition I have found that offers the structure people need, while also promoting choice and autonomy. Whether you want to do it on your own, or you need a little more guidance and hand-holding, I've got resources for you. Click below to book a personalized macro consult, get access to the online Macros Made Easy course, or read my macro tracking blogs and articles. 


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Together we can create resources, messages and programs that your gym community needs. Combine your effective athletic programming with my effective nutrition strategies, and your members will improve health, body composition and physical performance. You'll retain membership and grow with this unique value added.