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"Emily’s extensive knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and fat-burning was immensely helpful in my journey to learning how to eat like I love myself. For years, I felt completely controlled by my sugar cravings. Once I started prioritizing the role of protein and fat in my diet, I was able to significantly cut down on my intake of processed sugar and refined carbohydrates without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. I have seen major changes in my energy levels, the clarity of my skin, my endurance while exercising, and my ability to sleep at night since I started making these changes. Emily took the time to help me develop an action plan to ensure that this will be a sustainable change; I highly recommend working with her!"

- Sonja



"Working with Emily far surpassed my expectations. She helped me address my health not only from the point of my nutrition but in all areas of my life, including stress and hormonal issues that were be affecting my well-being and weight. In working with her I developed a deeper understanding that health needs to be addressed holistically - not in isolation." 

- Sarina

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