My Favorite Ways to Enjoy Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk


Coconut cream and [full fat] coconut milk are in regular rotation in my meals. These canned healthy fats are readily available, shelf stable [until opened] and super affordable. Prevent hangry, stay full and satisfied by adding a hearty dose of canned coconut products to your meals and snacks. Below are 7 ways to enjoy coconut cream and coconut milk - recipes included!


1. for a bed time snack: steel cut oats + coconut cream + frozen mixed berries + cinnamon, served warm

2. in chia seed pudding: chia seeds + coconut milk + real maple syrup + vanilla

like this one or this one or this one

3. to satisfy a chocolate craving: avocado + coconut milk + banana + cacao powder

like this

4. for fats in my smoothie: plain Greek yogurt + coconut cream + frozen mixed berries + greens 

5. as a stand alone dessert: whipped coconut cream + honey + vanilla, served with chopped fruit

6. in thai flavored foods: beef + coconut milk + assorted vegetables + yellow or red curry paste + spices

like this or this or this

7. next to my favorite chicken cuts: chicken thighs and drumsticks + coconut milk + herbs + spices

like this or this 


I hope you get to experimentin' in the kitchen - don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone of common foods and trying something new. For more fun coconut inspo and real food eats, follow me on Pinterest