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nutrition can be complicated, confusing and often contradictory. i know, because i lived it. 

And let me tell you something, if the professional is having a hard time managing their health - how the hell can she advise someone to manage their own with conviction?

I’ll have you know, I used to eat black bean burgers on 100 calorie, split wheat sandwich thins. I substituted margarine for butter, scoffed at bacon and skipped the guacamole. I convinced myself SoyJoys were a filling snack, and FiberOnes didn’t taste like cardboard.

If you’re lucky, there’s a few “ahah” moments in life when you realize that you’ve been doing it wrong. When it happens, you engage in some curious internal commentary and you make decisions to do things differently. It can be uncomfortable and hard, but in the end it's always worth it. 


I will tell you about my moment.

I was standing in the middle of my tiny apartment kitchen in St. Louis, Missouri completely overwhelmed and anxiety ridden over banana bread. I had spent nearly an hour researching substitutions for butter, sugar, and egg yolks - attempting to make this traditional family recipe “healthier” by trying to make it fit within the construct of what I understood as “healthy” at the time. It was a meltdown. 

I was a practicing Registered Dietitian, elbow deep in my Master’s Degree and by all accounts on my resume, “the authority” on nutrition information. But I was the farthest thing away from feeling confident in what I knew, because it wasn’t working for me. I was applying what I knew but -

I was always hungry.

and cranky. I was fatigued and unmotivated. I was tired, bloated and puffy.

I had little energy to exercise - or for anything, really. I certainly did not feel like a young twenty-something should. 

After the banana bread meltdown, I made a decision to change my lens and get extremely critical about what I had been taught. I took a deep dive into the latest research in metabolism and biochemistry. I surrounded myself with books, articles, podcasts, blogs. By the time I finished my Masters in Public Health, knew I was on the right path because it clicked and I felt the fire and passion for my field once again. 

And I might not be a young twenty-something anymore, but I am certainly making up for lost time with vibrant and limitless energy fueled by real, whole and delicious food. 

I can confidently say I am a much more effective coach because I have lived the madness. Let me help you forge your new health path - through that messy muck of learning new skills, viewing food entirely different or honoring the signals your body is giving you.


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